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Please read carefully

  1. New sets take 1.5-3 hrs to complete (depending on the set); please keep this in mind when scheduling. We try to make your time here as comfortable as possible. Our lash bed features an ultra soft memory foam topper which reduces pressure by contouring to the clients individual body shape.

  2. It is important your eyes remain closed for the duration of your appointment. 

  3. Only the client and tech are allowed in the room.

  4. Your lashes must be squeaky clean. Please come free of makeup to avoid a deep clean (additional $10).

  5. If you have extensions from another lash tech, a removal must be booked followed by a new set (please see removal price listed below).

  6. Maintenance consists of fills (recommended every 2-3 wks in order to keep them looking like new). It is recommended you schedule fills ahead of time. They take 1-1.5 hrs to complete (duration will depend on retention and chosen set).

  7. A 50% of your extensions must be present for fills. Anything less will be priced as a NEW set.

  8. Yes, you can wear makeup with your extensions however, please keep in mind oil based products will result in poor retention and always remember to remove the makeup as buildup will occur which will also lead to poor retention.

  9. Mascara will damage your set!

  10. Pulling your lashes off will damage your natural ones.

  11. Professional removal is available; please contact me to schedule a removal.

  12. You must wait 24-48 hours after each appointment to wet your lashes.

  13. An aftercare tote is given to all new clients to help care for your set. 

  14. It's highly recommended sets are removed and redone every 4 months.

Lash extensions are a change for many new clients. If you are unhappy with your set for any reason, please contact yoscary @ 7325350622 within 48 hrs of your appointment time. A 1 time complimentary touchup will be offered, scheduled to address your concerns & freshen up your set if need be. Lash extensions are an investment of time, money, and care. Synch beauty will make every effort to satisfy a clients lash wish and troubleshoot aftercare dilemas diligently.




FREE naps with every service! ;)

Classics  $100

Fill $55

Hybrids $115

fill $65

Volume $125

Fill $75

MEGA volume $150

Fill $90

Lash removal $20


Set upgrade/downgrade + $15

*applies to change of technique or lengths*

Deep clean $10

After care set $20

Soap $10

Bling spoolie $5

Brush $5 (to use w/ soap)

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