Classic Lash Set $80

This style is suitable for clients with a healthy natural lash line that have very few gaps and who desire a natural to medium effect.



2 wk $25

3 wk $40

4 wk $55

Hybrid Lash Set $100

This style will suit most clients. It's perfect for those with sparse natural lashes, where extra coverage is needed. This is also suitable for those desiring a more glamorous & thicker looking set.



2 wk $35

3 wk $60

4 wk $75

Lash Removal $20

Professional removal using a gel formula which will instantly loosen the extension from your natural lash resulting in a smooth, quick and painless process which will not damage your natural lash. Removal is followed by a lash bath using Synch Beauty's lash cleanser.


New sets take 2-3 hrs to complete. You are laying with your eyes closed for the duration of your appointment. Due to limited space, only the client and tech are allowed in the room. It is best you come free of makeup. If you have extensions from another lash tech, a removal must be booked followed by a new set.


Maintenance consist of fills (recommended every 2-3 wks in order to keep them looking like new). It is recommended you schedule fills ahead of time. They take 1-1.5 hrs to complete (duration will depend on retention). A 50% of your extensions must be present for fills. Anything less will be priced as a NEW set.


Yes, you can wear makeup with your extensions however, please keep in mind oil based products will result in poor retention. Mascara will damage your set!


Pulling your lashes off will damage your natural ones. Professional removal is available; please contact me to schedule a removal.


An aftercare tote is given to all new clients to help care for your set. 

It's highly recommended sets are removed and redone every 4 months.


FREE naps with every service! ;)

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